Thursday, 14 February 2013

How To Fix Error 3194 During iPhone Restore

Are you facing strange unknown error 3194 during iPhone restore? Do you want to know how to fix Error 3194 on iPhone? Are searching any safe and easy way to resolve this error problem? If your answer is “Yes” then you are at the right place. Here you can get complete solution to how to fix error 3194 from iTunes during iPhone restore.

This is the very common error problem because most of the iPhone users are facing it. Error 3194 occurs when you try to upgrade old iOS with new iOS on your iPhone as well as mostly it occurs the whenever you try to upload  a custom jailbroken firmware to upgrade or downgrade your iPhone iOS. So if you also encountering error 3194 then no need to worry about. With the few simple steps you can resolve it.

Few simple steps to fix iPhone Error 3194:

1. First close the iTunes.

2. In Windows 8 to see the host file follow these steps:

Mac users go /etc/hosts to see the host file.
3. After that open the hosts file with Administrator privileges with notepad.

4. Add the following lines at the bottom of the notepad :

5. Now connect your iPhone to the computer and lunch iTunes and put your iPhone into the DFU mode. To go into the DFU mode, you have to furn off your iPhone firstly and hold down Sleep and Power button for 10 sec. Then release the power button but hold down home button until iTunes displays iPhone is in recovery mode.

6. Use the iTunes restore feature with the iOS devices as usual and after updating of iOS delete the “ ” line from the hosts file. Now you can update properly with iTunes.

Apart from this, you can get rid of this error problem by using iPhone Data Recovery software. Because this is very powerful and great software. It is built with advanced and latest technology and that's why it recover all iPhone error problem very efficiently. With the help of this recovery software you can also recover and restore lost or corrupt iPhone files within few minutes and supports different storage devices etc. This recovery software runs easily on both Windows and Mac operating system and it provides very simple and easy graphical interface. So just try iPhone Data Recovery Software and get rid of iPhone error 3194 quickly.          

User Guide for Windows

Part 1: Recover iPhone data from iOS devices

Step 1: First you need to install iOS device on your Windows PC and after successful installation of iPhone Data Recovery software or connection between iPhone of PC, you need to enter on DFU mode by following the few simple steps on the main interface.

Step 2: After completion of scanning process, it displays you complete list of iPhone files like videos, photos, reminders etc. You have to only select file that you need to recover. Then click on "Recover Button". It also give you preview option where you can to see all recovered files.

Part 2 : Recover iPhone data from iTunes backup

Step 1: If you want to backup with iTunes then select iTunes backup file of iPhone and then click on "Start Scan" button.

Step 2: After the completion of scanning process, you can see all data on current dialog box in the left side. Then select file which you want recover and click on Recover button.



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  3. Will see if it works.. But hey, you've had some spelling problems. It's called turn not furn. And launch not lunch. :)

  4. This is the very common error problem because most of the iphone 4s cases for cheap users are facing it.

    1. Having an iPhone case had nothing to do with this

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  6. it not working on windows 7

  7. i cant access the host file with administrator privileges?? I ma also using windows 7 so maybe it wont work anyway

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  11. iam getting again error 3194
    plz tell me r show the video demo

  12. there are many resons for error 3194 in itunes like trying to restore to old version of ios that apple has closed for example IOS 6.1.2 so before you search the solution of this error you should search the causes , so first you should make sure that the version of the ios that you want to restore to it is not closed .
    but even if it.s closed you can solve it if you have SHSH File .

    during restore you can solve the error 3194 but it will appear many other errors like 1600,1601,1602 or 21
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